This research report provides a snapshot of the integrity frameworks examined in a sample of six Victorian councils in 2017 and 2018 and highlights examples of good practices and possible areas for improvement. A key objective of the review is to help all councils review and strengthen their own integrity frameworks, to improve their capacity to prevent corrupt conduct.

The review builds on earlier work published by IBAC in 2015, which reviewed integrity frameworks in a different sample of councils.

Corruption in local government can lead to increased costs and reduction in economic growth, diminished trust in councils and jeopardise the delivery of valuable programs and services.

Victorian councils provide a wide range of public services and maintain considerable public infrastructure. Collectively, they manage approximately $84 billion in public assets and spend around $7 billion on the provision of services annually.

Given the resources and responsibilities entrusted to councils, it is important they develop, implement and maintain strong integrity frameworks, and continuously improve their capacity to identify and prevent corrupt conduct.

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