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Progressing precinct modelling on the UNSW campus and beyond: BIM/PIM and 3DGIS system architecture and visualisation

Urban planning Architecture Data processing Precinct information modelling Data visualisation New South Wales

This report presents a way of structuring and visualising geospatial data and their corresponding semantics and metadata in a Precinct Information Model (PIM). The datasets obtained from UNSW Estate Management (EM) are used in this development. The study is completed through several steps involving pre-processing and storage of data, along with web-based visualisation.

This report presents the steps to create 3D models from different datasets, their organisation in a database management system (PostGIS) and their visualisation in Web-based environment (Cesium). The proposed system architecture, software tools and algorithms convergingly demonstrate that a large number of different datasets for a precinct area can be streamed, using international standards, into unified data structure. Such structuring allows access to the data from frontend software with standard components. The entire process from data collection to visualisation has also exhibited a number of challenges. Many datasets are 2D and automatic procedures are needed to create 3D models. In this project the authors have created a 3D model from 2D footprints and an existing DTM. In this procedure the height of the buildings can come from different data, such as point clouds, OSM, or other 2D datasets.

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