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Progressing precinct modelling on the UNSW campus and beyond: BIM/PIM and 3DGIS - 3D PIM modelling and data import

Urban planning Databases Data processing Building Information Model (BIM) Precinct information modelling Australia

Precinct Information Modelling (PIM) describes the process of creating a virtual 3D model at precinct scale, defined as a special region in built environment. PIM contains all the information pertinent the given precinct held in different data type and supports the process of management and analysis.

This technical investigation presents the PIM data schema and database design. The schema is a simplification of CityGML and IFC standards which are widely used for 3D city modelling and building works. PIM considers buildings and infrastructure equally as “built facilities”, which contains buildings, roads, vegetations, terrain etc.

PIM is a whole process that can also be supported by spatial relational database, in order to make it as a central platform for a wide range of internal and external practitioners for planning, designing, delivering and operational management work in the built environment project. It goes further since PIM can become an important resource for the community/city/precinct who use and interact with the built environment, lending critical support for the smart cities and communities that are emerging in response to the challenges of rapid urban development in Australia.

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