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Legal assistance services outcomes frameworks: a rapid scoping review

This report describes the conceptual role of outcomes frameworks for legal assistance services. It includes a section that clarifies working definitions, and draws together evidence relevant to framework development, shared outcomes and sector-wide frameworks.
Literature review

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in Australian Coroners Courts

Coroners Courts in many jurisdictions throughout Australia are seeking ways to ensure their processes and practices are culturally sensitive, particularly for supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islands families. This report provides a sound base for reviewing culturally sensitive practices within the coronial system.

Law informed: the value of telephone legal information services to clients

This research assessed the value of Legal Help’s information/referral services to clients in the broader context of the Victorian legal assistance sector’s information and service provision. The service was evaluated on its reach to the community, accessibility to clients, appropriateness of services provided, client experience...

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal services: national picture 2018-19

This report provides a comprehensive national snapshot of the valuable services provided by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal services.
Briefing paper

Uptake of legal self-help resources: what works, for whom and for what?

While technology and the way information is available to people have changed markedly since the Legal Australia-Wide (LAW) Survey was conducted in 2008, this paper reports important evidence concerning Australians’ use of self-help resources (SHRs) for legal problems at that time based on new analysis...