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Briefing paper

Uptake of legal self-help resources: what works, for whom and for what?

While technology and the way information is available to people have changed markedly since the Legal Australia-Wide (LAW) Survey was conducted in 2008, this paper reports important evidence concerning Australians’ use of self-help resources (SHRs) for legal problems at that time based on new analysis...
Briefing paper

Conducting legal need surveys in the Australian context: challenges and options

This paper provides an overview of the options for, and challenges of, conducting legal needs surveys in Australia. It highlights the factors which must be taken into account when designing a cost-effective survey to support the delivery of effective legal assistance services.
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Quantifying the legal and broader life impacts of domestic and family violence

Women experiencing domestic and family violence are ten times as vulnerable to legal problems as the rest of the population, according to this research. In a twelve-month period, respondents who had experienced domestic and family violence had twenty legal problems on average, compared to only...
Discussion paper

Developing a triage framework: linking clients with services at Legal Aid NSW

This paper was developed to support Legal Aid NSW undertake a review of their client intake and triage services. It provides a conceptual basis for further investigating and developing a systematic triage service model.
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An indicator of need for community legal centres: introducing NLAS(CLC)

In 2018, the Law and Justice Foundation developed a resource which provided tabulation of data on legal needs for each generalist community legal centres (CLC) catchment. To best meet the requirements of the CLC sector, a bespoke measure of legal need was developed for inclusion...