Delphine Bellerose


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal services: national picture 2018-19

This report provides a comprehensive national snapshot of the valuable services provided by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal services.

Young and online: children’s perspectives on life in the digital age

In June 2017, 490 children aged 10–18, from 26 different countries1 and speaking 24 official languages, participated in workshops held by UNICEF Country Offices and National Committees to share their views on how and why they use digital technologies in their everyday lives, as well...

Children's rights in the digital age: a download from children around the world

Evidence from across the world is telling us that no matter where they are from, more and more children are relying on digital tools, platforms and services to learn, engage, participate, play, innovate, work or socialise. Foreward Some two-thirds of the world’s almost three billion...