Mainstreaming low carbon retrofits in social housing: final report

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This report provides a summary of activities completed under the CRC for Low Carbon Living RP3044 ‘Mainstreaming Low Carbon Retrofits in Social Housing’. This two-year project provided real world evaluation of a range of energy efficiency upgrades undertaken in Social Housing properties around NSW, considering changes in energy consumption, thermal conditions, and tenant perceptions of the upgrade.

The report is structured in the following way:

  • Section 1 presents the project background and objectives;
  • Section 2 provides an overview of the methodology employed for the various activities undertaken in the study;
  • Section 3 gives a concise summary of the key reports and deliverables from the current project.

Full details of the project findings are located in the specific deliverable, included as an appendix to the current reports. The deliverables from the current project were:

  1. A summary of existing processes for upgrading and maintenance of Social Housing properties.
  2. A targeted review of evidence of direct and co-benefits of energy efficiency upgrades in low-income dwellings in Australia.
  3. Detailed monitoring and evaluation reports for the installation of energy efficient technologies in a sample of Social Housing properties, Technologies assessed include reverse cycle air-conditioning, heat pump hot water systems, wall insulation and double-glazing.
  4. A Guide to Implementing Low Carbon Retrofits For Social Housing.
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