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Advancing space: Australian civil space strategy 2019 – 2028

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Australia’s space sector must also address the challenges of a fiercely competitive and rapidly growing space sector while building scale and addressing market barriers. The Agency has a vital role to help open the door internationally for our research and industry sectors, and set a relevant legal and regulatory framework that meets our international obligations and facilitates growth in our industry while maintaining safe and secure operation in space and on Earth.

To realise these opportunities and address our challenges, the Australian Civil Space Strategy outlines a staged plan to meet the government goal to diversify the economy, triple the size of Australia’s space sector and grow an additional 20,000 jobs by 2030.

The Strategy is built on four Strategic Space Pillars - open the door internationally; develop national capability in areas of competitive advantage; ensure safety and national interest are addressed; and inspire and improve the lives of all Australians. It also makes clear that meeting Australia’s international obligations and supporting a rules-based order are central to achieving this vision.

The Strategy lays the foundation for Australia to participate in joint missions with international partners and multilateral fora. It lays out a phased investment in our National Civil Space Priorities for Australia and sets a timetable for regulatory reform to enable launch to space from Australia and the foundations for human space flight from Australia. The Strategy seeks to engage and inspire the nation and set a framework for training and future jobs in the space sector.

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