Enduring colonization

How France's ongoing control of French Polynesia resources violates the International Law of Self-Determination
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France’s ongoing control of French Polynesia’s natural resources violates the basic human right of self-determination, according to a new report from the Pacific Network on Globalisation (PANG), Blue Ocean Law (BOL) and the Allard Law International Justice & Human Rights Clinic (IJHR).

“Enduring Colonization: How France’s Continuing Control of French Polynesian Resources Violates the International Law of Self-Determination” presents an independent policy and law analysis of the situation faced by French Polynesia and its peoples, who remain under the effective administrative and political control of France. Despite pretences of autonomy, France’s policies, particularly with respect to French Polynesia’s vast maritime territory and marine resources, show no signs of relinquishing effective control over issues of strategic access or future resource exploitation.

In addition, the report provides a brief analysis of the international law of self-determination and how it applies in this case. The report is meant to serve as a useful tool and launching point for debate for civil society, politicians, and others in French Polynesia as well as other parts of the Pacific enduring or recovering from legacies of colonization.

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