Policy report

Evidence in energy policy making: what the UK can learn from overseas

This report examines the UK’s energy policy making process, and focuses on how well policy makers access and use evidence to inform their work. It assesses the UK’s strengths and weaknesses, and takes a comparative look at energy policy making in four other countries: Germany...

New Caledonia decides the timing of its second independence referendum

Preparations are proceeding in a businesslike way for the second of three possible independence referendums in New Caledonia, in 2020. Loyalists and independence groups are staking out their positions.

Youth voice for the future of work

This survey report aims to fill the gap surrounding international comparable data on perceptions on the future work.

Enduring colonization

This report presents an independent policy and law analysis of the situation faced by French Polynesia and its peoples, who remain under the effective administrative and political control of France.
Journal article

Analysis of energy consumption profiles in residential buildings and impact assessment of a serious game on occupants’ behavior

Highlights The paper has a focus on energy consumption habits and trends using statistical methods. Occupants’ behavior is monitored using smart metering system and awareness surveys. The impact of a serious game on occupant's behavior is evaluated. Abstract

The future of women at work: transitions in the age of automation

In the automation age, women face new challenges overlaid on long-established ones. Automation could displace millions from their jobs; many others will need to change the way they work. Worldwide, 40 to 160 million women may need to transition across occupations. If women cannot transition...

French foreign policy in East Africa: not without challenges, but promising signs exist

This analysis looks at the principal motivations behind France’s foreign policy objectives in the East Africa region, as well as incentives that lie beneath the surface.

Self-determination in New Caledonia: uncharted waters ahead

As Australia prepares for its parliamentary elections, Congress elections are under way across the Coral Sea in France’s New Caledonia, with potentially game-changing impact on governance and stability there. Independence parties look set to increase their representation, which will heighten tensions at a critical stage...

New Caledonia’s independence referendum: local and regional implications

This paper looks at the historical context of the forthcoming referendums, the first referendum outcome and next steps in New Caledonia’s self-determination process. It also examines the upcoming provincial elections and how they might determine the political balance for negotiating future governance beyond the Noumea...

Exit from aid: an analysis of donor experiences

This report considers the approaches taken by development partners when transitioning and exiting from bilateral aid programs. It features case studies of Australia, Denmark, the European Union, France, Germany, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.