India’s expanding strategic relations with Russia and France

This paper argues that India will expand the scope and range of its strategic partnerships, if not create alliances, with both France and Russia.

Global review of diversity and inclusion in business innovation

This report reviews global efforts to drive diversity and inclusion in business innovation, examining Estonia, Finland, France, Israel, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, the UK and the USA.
Conference paper

How deep does the retrofitting have to be? A cost-benefit analysis of two different regional programmes

The recent European energy proposals for the revision of the Energy Efficiency and the Energy Performance of Buildings Directives emphasize the importance of driving investments into the renovation of building stocks and stimulating retrofitting demand. Moreover, the ambitious targets on Green House Gas’ abatement and...

La Vie Chère and the challenges of illegal immigration: paradise lost in France’s Indian Ocean Départements

The French government has implemented measures aimed at reducing the disparities between the mainland and overseas France, stepping up security measures and providing aid to improve living conditions in the Comoros.

Cultural policies in France

What is a cultural policy? What actions can be taken to nurture and sustain creation in sectors such as visual arts, audiovisual and cinema, books, music or performing arts? This document outlines measures applied in France in support of the various cultural sectors.
Briefing paper

Policy Pathways Brief: Modernising Building Energy Codes 2017

Evidence gathered by the International Energy Agency has identified six critical factors to guide policy makers in realising potential savings in both new and existing buildings through the modernisation of building energy codes.
Data portal

Compare renovation policy packages

This interactive “Policy Tool for Renovation” facilitates the comparison and analysis of twelve renovation policy packages for residential buildings from Europe and the United States. Fourteen specially developed criteria have been developed, with the support of a panel of international experts, to enable this analysis...

Energy, fuels and environmental policies relevant to algae production and use in NW Europe

This report could be a reference for making policies that support the commercialisation of energetic algae concepts (micro and macro algae). Algae were acknowledged in many national strategies (see Germany, Netherlands, Ireland,) as an important biomass resource for biobased economy, although there was some confusion...

Renewable heat policies: delivering clean heat solutions for the energy transition

Heat accounts for over half of global energy consumption and is a significant contributor to CO2 emissions. Renewables play a key role in decarbonising and providing cleaner heat but currently account for less than 10% of heat supply. A range of barriers need to be...

Linking Regions and Central Governments: Contracts for Regional Development

The last 15 years have brought a dramatic change in public decision making and public policy building. A trend toward decentralisation has meant that more and more sub-national governments now find themselves responsible for providing a host of public goods and services. Rarely, however, can...