Winston Churchill Memorial Trust of Australia


Modernising harm prevention for gambling in Australia: international lessons for public health policy and improved regulation of gambling

This report provides a summary of key public health lessons that could be considered to improve gambling regulation in Australia.

Enhancing best practice inspection methodologies for oversight bodies with an Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture focus

"OPCAT is an unusual treaty in that it creates no new substantive rights. Yet it could be the single most positive development this decade in improving conditions in all Australian places of detention."

Family inclusion initiatives in child welfare

This report explores a range of initiatives and programs that aim to build a family-inclusive approach to child protection and child welfare practice.

To enhance the police response to LGBTI domestic violence

Internationally, police services, as well as support agencies, deploy a variety of techniques and strategies to address domestic violence in LGBTI communities. Each of these services has their particular strengths and challenges, as explored throughout this report.

Investigating best practice to prevent illness and disease in tunnel construction workers

This report highlights the true "health" in the health and safety of the tunnel construction industry.