University of Queensland


Debt, duress and dob-ins: Centrelink compliance processes and domestic violence

This report, looking at Centrelink debts and domestic violence, shows that survivors of domestic violence, usually women, are unfairly held solely responsible for social security debts in situations where the debt was the direct result of their partner’s or ex-partner’s threats, physical violence or coercion.

Australian oral health workforce: the oral health professions workforce survey 2020

Dental hygienists (DHs), dental therapists (DTs), and oral health therapists (OHTs) are registered dental practitioners. This survey report outlines the current demographic, geographic and employment characteristics of DH, DT and OHTs in Australia.

Understanding access to higher education amongst humanitarian migrants in Australia

Few studies to date have empirically examined the ties between humanitarian-migrant status and circumstances and higher education participation and attainment in Australia. This report fills this significant gap in knowledge.

Achieving trustworthy AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the competitive landscape across all sectors of the economy, bringing significant business and societal benefits as well as emerging risks to people. This report provides an integrative model for organisations looking to design and deploy trustworthy AI systems.

The cost of residential aged care

The University of Queensland was commissioned by the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety to conduct this analysis, which uses a range of quality indicators, ranging from clinical outcomes of residents, process quality standards and service experience indicators.