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Department of the Treasury (Australia)

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Pre-election economic and fiscal outlook 2022

Consistent with the Charter, the 2022 PEFO provides updated fiscal and economic estimates and projections, based on the best professional judgment of the Treasury and the Department of Finance, reflecting all known information at the time of the issue of the election writs.

Evaluation of the 2021 foreign investment reforms: final report

In December 2020, the Australian Parliament passed legislation that gave effect to the most significant reforms to Australia’s foreign investment framework since 1975. This evaluation found that in their first year, the reforms had achieved the government’s aims, particularly by ensuring that investments which may...

Consumer data right - strategic assessment: outcomes

This report identifies ‘Open Finance’ as the next priority area to expand Consumer Data Rights (CDR).
Working paper

The lifetime fiscal impact of the Australian permanent migration program

The Fiscal Impact of New Australians model (FIONA) has been developed by the Treasury to estimate the fiscal impact of permanent migrants over their remaining lifetimes in Australia. This paper presents the methodological approach used in FIONA, along with the main modelling results.

Review of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority: final report

This review provided an opportunity for feedback on the operation of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) since its establishment, and to consider whether further enhancements should be made to ensure the external dispute resolution scheme is appropriately calibrated and operating effectively.