Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education


Experiences with online marketing of alcohol, gambling and unhealthy food: a survey

This report details a survey FARE and VicHealth conducted last year with 220 people seeking to reduce alcohol, gambling and unhealthy foods. The survey aimed to understand how marketing for these harmful and unhealthy products impacts people trying to reduce these products.

Impacts of beer excise rate cut

This paper discusses proposals to halve the beer excise in Australia. The authors suggest it could cost around a billion dollars over the next five years and undermine policies to reduce the abuse of alcohol.

Under the radar: harmful industries' digital marketing to Australian children

This report highlights the worrying fact that digital marketing for alcohol, unhealthy food and gambling is reaching children at a very young age, affecting their attitudes, habits, consumption – and health. This report calls for strong, evidence-based policies and government regulation to protect children from...

Alcohol home delivery services: an investigation of use and risk

This study is an exploratory examination of online alcohol delivery services, based on a self-selected sample of people who use them. The data presented should not be interpreted as population prevalence estimates, but do provide important information on the ways in which these services are...

Annual alcohol poll 2019: attitudes and behaviours

Now in its tenth year, the 2019 poll shows a steady climb over the past decade of people drinking to get drunk. It also finds that Australians remain confused about what constitutes low-risk to high-risk alcohol consumption.