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Flavio Menezes

Alternate Name:
Flavio M. Menezes

The Brazilian elections: it is still about the economy

Regardless of who wins the election, Brazil faces the significant challenges of rekindling economic growth to ensure that the social gains that were secured since the end of the high inflation in the late 1990s are not eroded by Brazil’s old nemeses: inflation and poor...

Public private partnerships

Governments need to ensure a robust process for evaluating PPPs, writes Flavio Menezes.

Nothing exceeds like success

The Bligh Government has announced a ban on success fees for lobbyists. This follows the revelation that former Labor and Liberal party figures have received a success fee for securing Queensland government contracts for clients.

Plastic policies

There is broad agreement that Australian plastic bag consumption should be reduced. To this end, recent South Australian legislation has banned certain types of plastic bags. But other states wishing to reduce their plastic bag consumption may find a tax rather than a ban the...

Subsidising fuel won't deal with long-term problems

Consumers only receive part of the benefit of fuel subsidies, writes Flavio Menezes.