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Four year strategic plan 2019 - 2022 4.72 MB

This four-year plan is delivered to guide Public Libraries Victoria to to achieve its goals to be more influencial, to build capability, to deliver value and to achieve excellence.

Four goals are listed in this plan:

1. Advocacy and profile:

• Acknowledged as the united voice for our sector

• Government provided the financial resourcing required by our sector

• Our members and partners are our advocates

• Successfully lead our membership through sector changes

2. Professional development:

• Public libraries meet the needs of the communities they serve

• Next generation of leaders effectively leading our sector

• Pool of talented people inspired by our purpose and values

• Recognised for our culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing

3. Sustainable business:

• Shared resources enabled a more efficient and cost effective sector

• Portfolio of new and sustainable revenue streams

• PLV is a sought-after partner

• Recognised thought leader in shared services

4. Organisation:

• Valued as a purpose driven, progressive alliance

• 100% membership retention

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