This paper summarises research regarding the social inclusion of young people in nursing homes, and further outlines the policy and practical challenges related to this issue.

Although those who received services through the recently-ended national YPIRAC program will continue to receive these disability supports, there are a great many others whose needs have not been met. There will be no new support packages for the 200 people under 50 who are admitted to aged care each year in Australia. In addition, there are also many people in their fifties who have significant potential but are still languishing in nursing homes.

Whilst the proposed National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) offers some hope for young people in nursing homes, it is yet to be adopted by Government and requires the support of the Australian community to become a reality.

Authors: Di Winkler, Louise Farnworth, Sue Sloan, Kerry Stringer and Libby Callaway, Summer Foundation and Monash University.


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