Keeping well, getting stronger

Danila Dilba Strategic Plan 2017-2022
Aboriginal Australians Indigenous health Northern Territory

Over several months of consultations with clients, community, staff and other stakeholders, Danila Dilba identified organisational strengths, areas for improvement and opportunities for further development over the next five years. In the process, Danila Dilba renewed their vision and purpose and refined the core values of the organisation. 

The new Danila Dilba Strategic Plan builds on some achievements of the organisation over the last couple of years and confirms a path forward that will continue to nurture and care for the community closer to their homes. 

With the theme ‘Keeping well, getting stronger’, the Strategic Plan 2017-2022 shows that Danila Dilba is a growing and dynamic health service committed to the world’s best practice, respect for Aboriginal culture and a passion to make a difference to the wellbeing of Indigenous people.

Key findings:

  • Danila Dilba aims to continue to build and improve trusted and respectful relationships with Biluru people in the Yilli Rreung region to ensure that Danila Dilba is a service of choice.
  • They wish to establish partnerships to conduct research to fill knowledge gaps, identify best practice approaches and inform service improvements.
  • Provide effective and accessible chronic disease health care support, including prevention and early intervention services across the life course.
  • Provide effective and accessible assessment, early intervention and referral processes to promote children’s social and emotional wellbeing.
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