Cooperatives and peace: strengthening democracy, participation and trust

A case study approach
Cooperatives Democracy Peace-building Social impact
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The report demonstrates that cooperatives can play an important role in peacebuilding worldwide, while also contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). By building self-sufficient and resilient communities, and by encouraging dialogue and democratic participation, the cooperative business model is able to bridge the gap between conflict resolution and long term development strategies, addressing persistent structural challenges facing communities. The report also offers a number of conclusions and recommendations addressed to policymakers, cooperative leaders, and external partners.

Key recommendations:

  1. Promote local ownership
  2. Foster greater inclusivity in peace-building processes
  3. Emphasise the resilience of cooperative to encourage investment
  4. Ensure autonomy and independence
  5. Support education and training to foster peace-building
  6. Acknowledge existing community dynamics and power structures
  7. Ensure cooperation between cooperatives and other partners


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