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Don Dunstan Foundation


Towards a co-operative state: securing the social and economic prosperity of South Australia through corporate diversity

The purpose of this report is to highlight the potential impact that social enterprise and co-operative organisations have on addressing some of the social and economic challenges facing South Australia.

The reality of poverty in Northern Adelaide

To mark Anti-Poverty Week 2014, the Don Dunstan Foundation spoke to three people working against poverty in the Playford area to gain a better understanding of the issues people in Adelaide's north face with regard to the Commonwealth budget and the looming closure of Holden...

The future of live music in South Australia

The implementation of this report's recommendations will take time, as will growth and development of the live music scene and music industry generally. However, removal of barriers and some proactive initiatives are considered beneficial for the city of Adelaide and the state of South Australia.

Equity works - achieving the target of 2% Aboriginal employment in the South Australian public sector

Since 2003 there has been significant effort by the South Australian government to enhance Aboriginal peoples' employment outcomes in the public sector. Objective 6 of the South Australian Strategic Plan has an accompanying target to increase the employment of Aboriginal employees in the public sector...