Beyond Blue community engagement strategy 2020-2022

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What is community engagement at Beyond Blue?

At Beyond Blue, community engagement refers to how any person or group in Australia can engage in shared purpose activities and initiatives that:

  • enable them to collaborate in the design of our projects, programs and services
  • empower them to make a difference
  • enable meaningful connections through channels of their choice, including face to face in their local community
  • enable them to achieve their best possible mental health.

Our objectives:

We will strengthen our engagement with Australia’s communities, by:

  • developing a closer and more effective relationship with our Blue Voices members so they can be better placed to shape the things that Beyond Blue does
  • improving our recruitment, training and use of volunteers to run meaningful community activities that connect people with Beyond Blue’s products and services
  • selecting and attending events that effectively connect with the diversity of Australia’s population
  • better supporting our Beyond Blue Speakers and Ambassadors in their critical role in enhancing people’s understanding of mental health and wellbeing and suicide prevention
  • forming purposeful partnerships with other social impact organisations to benefit Australia’s communities
  • providing opportunities for people whose lives have been positively impacted by Beyond Blue to realise their desire to ‘give back’ through all our participation channels, including Blue Voices, Speakers, volunteering and community fundraising for our support services.


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