The algorithm


It's one of the great unseen drivers of our world -- silently altering and shaping our social lives, the way we communicate, our access to information, our economies, our culture, the very future itself.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you—the algorithm! OK, It’s not as dramatic as all that, but if we’d said 'We’re doing a program on mathematical codes' … Well, why would you bother to tune in!


John MacCormick
Professor of Computer Science at Dickinson College, Pennsylvania and author of '9 Algorithms That Changed The Future'.
Ted Striphas
Associate Professor of Media and Cultural Studies at Indiana University's Department of Communication and Culture.
Nick Meaney
CEO of Epagogix Ltd.
Michael Kearns
Professor and National Centre Chair, Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania.
Andreas Calianos
Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Dome Equities LLC.
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