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The latest podcast  from the Australian Bureau of Statistics looks at trends in marriage, de facto relationships and divorce between 1990 and 2010, as well as the effect of these trends on the family.

Families are the building blocks of society, facilitating generational renewal, human interaction, and linking individuals to wider society as a whole. Relationships are closely linked with wellbeing, with families playing a key role in socialising children and shaping the future of society.

Changing patterns in divorce and cohabitation over recent decades have resulted in differences in family structure; however families still remain a basic unit in society. While the rate of marriages registered in Australia each year has remained relatively stable in recent years, Australians have been marrying at an older age, and delaying having their first child until later in life.

More Australians are in de facto relationships, and more are choosing non-religious ceremonies if they do decide to marry.

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