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Standardized Work, Heijunka and Kaizen are the basis of the Toyota Production System (TPS) model and provide stability to its pillars. As many tools adapted to Lean Construction, the Standardized Work can also be applied in AEC Industry to increase productivity, reduce waste and define a standardized procedure for the activity. Recently, the high variability in execution, cost and team member's productivity have caught the attention of the company's construction managers. There is also a high difference between workforce budgeted cost and actual cost, related to a lack of knowledge of the daily routine. The Standardized Work's goal is to identify the roots of these differences, reduce the variability of the main construction work packages, and know the work packages of the Last Planner. The purpose of this article is to present the results of these studies and the improvements identified, such as the increase of the productive time of the teams, the increase of productivity, the reduction of waste, and characterization and standardization of the activities. This paper contributes to the understanding of Standardized Work and show the application on a construction site. In addition to showing the main results of each work package, the main goal is to exemplify the collection and tabulation of data.
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