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Fact Check: Adam Bandt says that one in four people in poverty work full time. Is he correct?

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In the lead up to the federal election, Greens MP Adam Bandt called for the minimum wage to be increased to a so-called "living wage", claiming that nearly one in four people in poverty worked full-time. But Mr Bandt's claim is overblown.The source of his claim, the Poverty in Australia 2016 report, suggested that one in five people in poverty lived in a household where the reference person (as identified by the Australian Bureau of Statistics) was working full time. In the updated 2018 report, this number had risen to one in four. However, the proportion could include children, unemployed people or those working part-time who live in a household where the 'reference person' works full time. RMIT ABC Fact Check invited three experts to conduct an analysis based on the individual labour force status of working-age adults living in poverty, which showed that around 12 to 16 per cent worked full time (which would translate to between one in six and one in eight).
Verdict: Overblown

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