The New Zealand Initiative


Who teaches the teachers? Reforming Initial Teacher Education in New Zealand

In this report, the authors argue that the New Zealand Education and Training Act should be amended to enable more than one professional body for the teaching profession to be established.

Prescription for prosperity: 2023 briefing to the incoming government

Other authors
Michael Johnston, Briar Lipson, Des Gorman, Murray Horn, Matthew Birchall
Drawing on more than a decade of research, this report acts as a roadmap for the incoming New Zealand Government. It provides practical, evidence-based proposals that cover immediate priority areas such as inflation control, and fundamental fields for reform, including education, health and housing.

Lifeline for health: meeting New Zealand’s need for General Practitioners

This report sheds light on a pressing crisis in New Zealand's healthcare system – a decline in the General Practitioner (GP) workforce that threatens the health of New Zealanders.

Blessing or bloat? Non-academic staffing in New Zealand universities in comparative perspective

This report examines non-academic employees in New Zealand universities. It presents and analyses a range of data from the New Zealand Ministry of Education, and from universities themselves, to investigate the scale and composition of New Zealand universities’ administrative staffing.
Research Summary

Funding the future: the case for special purpose bonds

There are no silver bullets in housing and infrastructure policy. Too many separate problems compound, resulting in a severe housing shortage and some of the world’s least affordable housing. This publication highlights an alternative approach, drawing upon upon work undertaken by the Urban Land Markets...