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Lessons from abroad: Taiwan's COVID-19 containment model

Alongside South Korea, Taiwan is one of the few countries to “flatten the curve” of Covid-19 without a national lockdown due to its prior experience with the SARS epidemic of 2003. New Zealand’s pathway is similar to Taiwan’s and there are lessons to be learned...
Position paper

Open for minds: export education and recovery

Eric Crampton presents the case for why the New Zealand Government should quickly reopen the country's borders to international students.
Briefing paper

Reinforcing New Zealand’s trade relationships after COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic and economic lockdown means many countries are looking inwards. But global cooperation will be an important lever out of the economic and social consequences of the virus. This paper suggests that the New Zealand government should embrace the opportunity to reinforce its...

Lessons from abroad: South Korea's COVID-19 containment model

This report outlines seven key examples of South Korea's pandemic approach and shares the lessons for New Zealand.

How bad might the lockdown be for jobs and income?

The author of this report discusses the economic impact the COVID-19 lockdown may have on the New Zealand economy.