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Fact Check: Did Queensland see its largest fall in jobs on record last year?

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Unemployment is shaping up as a key issue in the 2017 Queensland election campaign with the Liberal National Party releasing a policy document, claiming Queensland lost 30,000 jobs under Annastacia Palaszczuk ' the worst year on record. RMIT ABC Fact Check found the LNP's claim is misleading. Although Queensland employment did indeed fall by about 30,000 in 2016 ' the biggest fall for any calendar year since the current employment series started in 1978 ' the LNP has ignored the surge in jobs over the past ten months, which has offset the 2016 loss more than three times over. The most recent figures also show Queensland now has the strongest annual employment growth in the nation, although as one expert pointed out, after a year of relative weakness in 2016, the state's job market has been coming off a lower base. The LNP is not justified in using the 30,000 figure from 2016 to illustrate its assertion that Labor, which has been in power since February 2015, has cost Queenslanders jobs. While the unemployment rate in Queensland, at 5.9 per cent, has been slowly trending down, it remains above the national average, and only slightly below Tasmania, which has the highest unemployment.
Verdict: Misleading

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