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Fact Check: Does Scott Morrison's first cabinet have additional female representation?

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As the dust settles on a messy leadership spill, allegations of bullying of female members of the parliamentary Liberal Party have opened a debate over whether the party has a problem with women's representation. But Deputy Leader Josh Frydenberg says there are now more women in cabinet. Is that correct? Mr Frydenberg's claim is overstated. In both raw number and proportional terms, it can be said that female representation in cabinet has improved from the figures in Malcolm Turnbull's cabinet in the period directly preceding his removal from office. But Mr Frydenberg's claim ignores the fact that female representation in the current cabinet is not higher than earlier periods in Mr Turnbull's time in office. Mr Morrison currently has six women in cabinet, which is as many as there were in Mr Turnbull's cabinet for almost a year at the beginning of his tenure. By the end of Mr Turnbull's term, there were only five women in cabinet, so it can be said that Mr Morrison has brought the number of women in cabinet back to its peak. After Mr Turnbull lost the leadership, Mr Morrison did increase the proportion of women at the top table by more than 5 percentage points to 26.1 per cent. But this is lower than the 27.3 per cent of Mr Turnbull's cabinet at its highest.
Verdict: Overstated

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