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Fact Check: Scott Morrison says his Cabinet maintains a record representation of women. Is he correct?

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The Cabinet reshuffle following the Coalition's election victory in 2019 allowed a number of new faces into the ministry, including women, following the departure of several senior cabinet ministers. At a press conference announcing the changes, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said: "The ministry that I announce today maintains the record representation of women in cabinet for an Australian Government, with seven female members of our Cabinet." Is he correct? RMIT ABC Fact Check found Mr Morrison's claim checks out. In nominal terms, no other government has ever had seven women in cabinet, as Mr Morrison has since March 2019. The previous record was six, which was equalled by both Labor and Liberal prime ministers over the last few years. In proportional terms, Mr Morrison's 30.4 per cent representation of women just edges out the previous record held by former prime minister Kevin Rudd, who achieved 30 per cent representation in the dying days of the last Labor government.
Verdict: Checks out
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