Australian Human Rights Commission

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Position paper

Free and equal: a human rights Act for Australia

Australia has strong sense of human rights and freedoms, but the basic human rights of Australian people are not very well protected in Australian law. The Australian Human Rights Commission has developed a model for what a national Human Rights Act might look like, how...

National anti-racism framework: scoping report 2022

This scoping report provides an initial evidence-based summary of what the Commission has heard about a national anti-racism framework from communities, sector organisations, government, scholars and expert knowledge-holders to date.

Time for respect: fifth national survey on sexual harassment in Australian workplaces

This report outlines the findings of the Australian Human Rights Commission’s latest survey on the prevalence, nature and reporting of sexual harassment in Australia, with a focus on workplaces. This is the fifth such survey undertaken by the Australian Human Rights Commission since 2003.

Wiyi yani u thangani (Women's voices): First Nations Women’s Safety Policy Forum outcomes report - November 2022

This report primarily deals with context setting and the steps required for how to move forward in designing effective plans and policies to end violence. At the heart of this report is the recognition of the importance of First Nations women’s lives, diverse strengths and...

Guidelines for the targeted recruitment of people with disability

These guidelines have been produced as part of the Australian Human Rights Commission’s 'IncludeAbility' project, which is designed to support employers to create meaningful employment opportunities for people with disability.