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Fact Check: Michael Daley says NSW Government has closed more schools than it has opened. Is he correct?

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Announcing NSW Labor's plan to replace 1,000 demountable classrooms with permanent buildings, Opposition Leader Michael Daley claimed the state government had closed more schools than it had opened in the past eight years. The NSW Government has indeed closed 15 more schools than it has opened over the past eight years ' but Mr Daley's claim is spin. He understates the number of schools closed compared to the number of new schools opened. Since the Liberal-National Coalition was elected in 2011, 40 schools have closed and 19 have opened ' that's 21 more closures than openings. But experts told RMIT ABC Fact Check that talking about school openings and closures was not helpful when it came to discussing issues of overcrowding and capacity. Most of the schools closed since 2011 were in regional NSW and had very small student numbers ' often fewer than five ' in their final years of operation. On the other hand, the 19 new schools were mostly opened in Sydney and surrounds and catered to far greater numbers of students than those closed over the same period. Fact Check found that while 635 students at most were affected by closures, the new schools catered to at least 10,000 students.
Verdict: Spin
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