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Fact Check: Pauline Hanson says just 57 students under the age of 15 identified as transgender in the census. Is she correct?

One Nation Transgender people

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson introduced her Australian Education Legislation Amendment (Prohibiting the Indoctrination of Children) Bill to the Parliament. She claimed that according to the 2016 census just 57 students under the age of 15 identified as transgender. But Senator Hanson's claim is wrong. The 2016 census did not contain a question on whether or not respondents identified as transgender. Rather, a question asked: "is [the person] male, female or other?" Of the responses to that question for people aged 0 to 14, "other" accounted for 57. This figure does not account for respondents who may have reported as male or female, but whose sex assigned at birth did not match that response. The Australian Bureau of Statistics makes clear the census statistics are not an accurate representation of the true number of trans and gender diverse people in Australia. This is because people completing the census had to take extra steps to access a specialised form with an option to answer other than male or female. Further, the ABS state that "people who have been treated with disrespect, abuse and discrimination because of their sex or gender may be unwilling to reveal their sex in an official document". While there is no official count of transgender people in Australia, experts pointed Fact Check to a number of sources which indicated far more than 57 young Australians identified as trans or gender diverse.
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