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Fact Check: Is Australia's population growth mostly the result of migration, and is that underpinning the budget?

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Queensland Senator Pauline Hanson has labelled the Morrison Government's immigration-cutting agenda a "marketing ploy", claiming Australia's population grew by 400,000 people last year, the majority from overseas migration. She also claimed that migration underpinned the federal budget. Senator Hanson's claim is close to the mark. Official figures put Australia's population at the end of 2018 at more than 25 million people. This was an increase, as Senator Hanson points out, of more than 400,000 year on year, with net overseas migration accounting for 61.4 per cent of the growth, as reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The Government, which has announced a plan to "freeze immigration" for its current term and promote regional migration to allow infrastructure to keep up, has not disputed the figures nor the contribution of overseas migration to the economy. While the extent of migration's impact on the federal budget is difficult to quantify, its contribution is acknowledged in the budget papers as having a key influence on the government's economic projections. Liberal Party policy documents make clear, the "freeze" refers to permanent migration. In fact, net overseas migration (which includes temporary and permanent migration) is predicted in the budget to remain high.
Verdict: Close to the mark
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