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Advancing prosperity: 5 year productivity review

If Australia is to continue to grow its economy and increase individual prosperity, productivity policy should focus on key emerging trends like the shift towards service industries, according to this final report of the 5-year Productivity Inquiry.
Position paper

A case for an extended unpaid carer leave entitlement?

This position paper looks at the potential economic and social impacts of adding an entitlement to extended unpaid leave to the National Employment Standards. The paper finds that such an entitlement would benefit some carers and improve the quality of care provided to some older...

Review of the National School Reform Agreement: study report

This report examines how well national policy initiatives by the Australian, State and Territory Governments have achieved the objectives and outcomes set out in the National School Reform Agreement, and makes recommendations to inform the design of the next school reform agreement.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visual arts and crafts: study report

This report examines the value, nature and structure of markets for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander visual arts and crafts, and makes recommendations to the Australian government to address deficiencies in these markets.

Aged care employment: study report

It is widely recognised that there are major problems in the quality of aged care, especially in residential aged care. This report looks at whether there should be a policy to preference the direct employment of aged care workers.