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Taking stock: wellbeing and political attitudes in Australia at the start of the post-COVID era, January 2023

The aim of this paper is to use data collected during January 2023 and Australia’s recent history to take stock of Australia’s wellbeing, as well as its attitudes towards key political and social institutions as Australia enters a post-COVID world.

Analysis of the impact increasing the rate and extending eligibility of Parenting Payment Single on financial living standards

The modelling reported in this paper considers the impact of welfare payment changes on single parent families. The paper also provides a summary of the trends in employment rates, hours of paid employment and poverty rates for single mothers, and how this compares to partnered...

Evaluation of the 2018 changes to the Australian child care system

In 2018, the Australian government introduced a new funding model for the support of child care provision in Australia. Overall, this evaluation finds that the package did not address the wider set of key policy questions about the role of early childhood education and care.

Bail and parole app scoping project: final report

This project scoped whether application software for a mobile or similar device (an app) that supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people on bail or parole is regarded as appropriate, useful and beneficial within the ACT Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities involved with the...

Public exposure and responses to data breaches in Australia: October 2022

This paper reports Australians' views about data trust, cybercrime and data breaches and how these have changed. It is based on data from four waves of the ANUpoll collected over the period October 2019 to October 2022.