Helen Taylor

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Helen W. Taylor

Modelling drivers of grievance-fuelled violence

This research offers new empirical and theoretical insights into grievance-fuelled violence.

Grievance-fuelled violence: modelling the process of grievance development

Acts of extreme or mass violence perpetrated by lone offenders have become increasingly common in liberal democracies over the past 20 years. This work is the first to empirically consolidate existing research, employing a multifaceted analytical approach to develop a holistic model of the processes...

Bail and parole app scoping project: final report

This project scoped whether application software for a mobile or similar device (an app) that supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people on bail or parole is regarded as appropriate, useful and beneficial within the ACT Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities involved with the...
Literature review

Criminal justice mobile applications: a literature and scoping review

The focus of this review is on those technologies that support behaviour change among individuals involved in the criminal justice system and, in particular, on those technologies that aim to contribute towards the goal of reducing reoffending.
Literature review

Literature review on yarning circles in a criminal justice context

This report presents a select literature review on yarning circles within the justice system, to provide insight into the unique cultural elements of yarning practices and inform how yarning circles can best operate in ACT justice system.