Social Cities panel investigates some hard facts on loneliness and isolation


Humans are social animals: relationships are critical to our wellbeing. Indeed, a lack of face-to-face contact can put our health at risk. This panel, investigating ideas put forward in the Grattan Institute's Social Cities report, looks at ways to make cities better places to live by increasing our opportunities to connect with other people. This panel, hosted by Peter Mares, examines how the design and functioning of a city -- from transport networks to the availability of parks and sporting grounds to the architecture of public spaces and buildings -- can help bring people together or keep them apart. It shows that even modest and inexpensive changes, such as installing benches at the edge of a public area or converting an unused lot into a ‘pocket park’, can make urban spaces more welcoming.

Interviewer Peter Mares is the Cities Fellow, Grattan Institute. He is a former ABC Radio National host and producer.

Ian Harper
Professor and Partner, Deloitte Access Economics.
Jane-Frances Kelly
Cities Program Director for the Grattan Institute
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