By Design


Fire safety and urban living

Urban living is getting denser, so how safe are you if there is a fire? Asks Fenella Kernebone on Radio Nationals By Design. Hardly a week goes by when the news doesn’t report a fire in a house, or an apartment, and often someone being...

The conversation with urbanist Rachel Smith

Brisbane urbanist and transport planner Rachel Smith puts her case for reconsidering transport models - particularly cycling. Rachel is one of four international experts involved in the latest leg of the BMW Guggenheim Lab, a think tank, public forum and community centre that's travelling the...

Regional Australian cities for 21st century

By Design looks at the future of three areas of regional Australian cities in the 21st century: Gladstone in Queensland, Geelong in Victoria, and the Pilbara cities in Western Australia. We examine their role and the challenges they face over the next 50 years. How...

Utopian architecture

Since the end of the 19th century people have struggled to build better cities, free of the slums and smoke that were part and parcel of the industrial revolution. Architects saw that the industrialised world was one of enormous possibilities with room for visionary ideas...

Conversation: the streets of Adelaide over time

By Design takes a stroll through the streets of Adelaide, investigating how the city has changed since the early 20th century. In 1936 photographer Gustav Hermann Baring celebrated the city in his publication Progressive Adelaide: As It Stands Today. This was both a catalogue of...