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For decades, Myanmar’s armed forces (the Tatmadaw) have ruled with an iron fist while operating independently of civilian oversight and accountability. A key factor is their ability to access substantial revenue on top of their official budget. At the heart of this phenomenon is Myanma Economic Holdings Public Company Ltd (MEHL), one of the country’s largest conglomerates.

The military regime founded MEHL in 1990, and serving and retired military personnel continue to direct and own it. The conglomerate has built up a vast business empire that includes mining, beer, tobacco, garment manufacturing, banking, hotels, property, shipping and transportation. In many instances MEHL operates through business partnerships with other companies, including foreign ones.

In this report, Amnesty International presents important new information on this matter, exposing the link between MEHL and military units that are implicated in crimes under international law and other serious human rights violations. This information has implications not only for the people and government of Myanmar, but also for MEHL’s many foreign and local business partners. By doing business with the conglomerate, they too can be linked to these crimes and violations.

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