2.5 billion reasons to invest in efficiency: Modelling the impact of improving the energy efficiency of Victoria’s homes on the Victorian Energy Concessions Budget

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This report, commissioned by the One Million Homes Alliance and undertaken by the Alternative Technology Association (ATA), models the potential impact on the Victorian Energy Concessions Budget from an increase in the energy performance of existing low income households from an average of 2 Stars to an average of 5 Stars.

Ahead of the 2010 Victorian election, the Liberal-National Coalition Planning policy committed to ‘support the transition of all existing housing stock to meet an average of 5 star energy rating as soon as possible’1.
The One Million Homes Alliance, a coalition of Victorian-based consumer, social welfare and environment organisations, is advocating for significant investment to improve the long-term energy and water performance of Victoria’s existing housing stock, as a response to rising electricity prices and the need for more efficient homes.
Improving the energy and water efficiency of Victorian homes has the potential to provide long-term savings for the Victorian State Budget via the electricity and gas concessions that support low income households, without taking any of these benefits away from those in need. These budget savings could then be used to undertake ongoing investment into improving the energy and water efficiency of our housing stock.

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