WP5 scoping report: building an open dissemination system

Mapping the minimal metadata requirements for the interaction of open access (OA) presses with the scholarly communications supply chain
Open access Academic publishing Metadata

Work package 5 (WP5) is developing technical protocols and infrastructure to better integrate OA books into institutional library, digital learning, and repository systems. This will support wider discovery and dissemination of OA books. Existing print and ebook distribution channels are difficult for new or OA publishers to engage with, requiring submission of metadata in multiple different formats (e.g. MARC, ONIX, KBART), and many platforms requiring multiple different metadata submissions; In addition, existing distribution channels are not well suited to OA content, while entirely new discovery and dissemination platforms are emerging (e.g. Google Books/Scholar).

The project consolidates existing relationships among the partners into a major strategic collaboration that will enhance the impact of research internationally. At the same time, COPIM promotes a community-based approach for the collaboration of academic institutions and industry stakeholders. Finally, it develops innovative approaches for knowledge exchange activities to facilitate sustainable and workable transitions to an open publication ecosystem for monographs and to ensure a diverse ecology of publishers.

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