President Biden’s decision to finally withdraw US forces from Afghanistan was the correct decision and certainly overdue. However, the lack of preparation to do so orderly and safely was yet another terrible mistake in a string of mistakes that have plagued the US from day one.

Key points:

  • President Biden’s decision to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan was the right one, albeit the execution of it was a complete failure.
  • The US’s decision to introduce democracy and engage in nation-building in Afghanistan was doomed from the beginning.
  • No US president overseeing the war in Afghanistan has ever properly assessed the culture, history and mindset of the country, ensuring the failure of the US mission.
  • The US failed to establish a mechanism to secure a functioning and stable democracy in Afghanistan once American troops were withdrawn.
  • Now that the Taliban is in power, it would be wise for the international community to extend a helping hand in order to persuade them to treat their people humanely and with dignity.
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