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Future Directions International


Future Directions International (FDI) is an independent, not-for-profit research institute. It was established in 2000, by Major General (Retd) the Honourable Michael Jeffery (former Governor General of Australia), together with a small group of leading Australians, to conduct comprehensive research of important medium to long-term issues facing Australia.


The challenges to China’s national rejuvenation – part two: the failure of China’s foreign relations

This paper examines some of the measures that countries are taking to reduce their ties to China. It argues that China is becoming increasingly isolated from developed countries, which places its economy at further risk, and has the potential to derail Xi Jinping plans to...

The challenges to China’s national rejuvenation – part one: the demographic and technological deficits

China’s aggressive and confrontational policies have seen many countries come together to counter its mercenary expansionism in terms of territory, trade and commerce, military capacity and political influence, writes Lindsay Hughes.

The US-China trade relationship during the Biden Administration

This paper argues that the Biden Administration is likely to continue to pressure China to adhere to economic and political reform. The author suggests that it is unlikely that America will abandon the Phase One Trade Agreement that came into force during the Trump Administration.

From system shock to system change – regenerative opportunities

The coming decade will be one of transitions. How the world responds to COVID-19, particularly how governments spend their trillions, will shape humanity's destiny. This paper explores some of the key dynamics that lie at the heart of these transitions.

Does Australia need nuclear-powered submarines and a nuclear-power sector?

In light of Australia’s climate commitments, it stands to reason that the creation of a nuclear-power sector ought to be revisited, writes Lesley Hughes.