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The Wuhan coronavirus and its impact on China’s foreign relations – part two

In this second paper examining the implications for China following the global COVID-19 outbreak, the author suggests that at a time when the Chinese economy is faltering, the rejection of globalisation would spell doom for China’s economy and its plans to become a world leader.

The Wuhan coronavirus and its impact on China’s foreign relations – part one

The coronavirus outbreak first presented early in December 2019 in the Chinese city of Wuhan, in Hubei Province. This paper argues that it appears as if the Chinese Communist Party will go to any lengths to deflect the blame for the deaths of people in...

Trump and Trumpism: the creation of a legacy?

This paper outlines why many ordinary US citizens may vote for President Trump in the forthcoming November presidential election and act as a basis for a future examination of his possible foreign policies in his second term.

India’s tit-for-tat foreign policy: taking a leaf out of China’s playbook?

This paper argues that there can be little doubt that India has changed its stance regarding retaliatory measures against countries that, in its perception, work against it. Whereas, previously, New Delhi was content to take diplomatic measures against such countries, today it goes further, taking...

China’s dire straits: no brothers in arms – part three

China and Russia have been brought together by their fear of a common adversary rather than for more positive reasons. They share far more suspicions about each other than they do reasons to combine forces.