The challenges to China’s national rejuvenation – part two: the failure of China’s foreign relations

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As the first part of this paper showed, the United States has, as a consequence of its heightened distrust of China, taken a hard line against it by restricting critical technology flows to Beijing.

This part of the paper will examine some of the measures that countries are taking to reduce their ties to China. By doing so, it will demonstrate that China is becoming increasingly isolated from developed countries, which places its economy at further risk, and has the potential to derail General Secretary Xi’s overall plan to rejuvenate China. If that were to occur, it would put China or, more specifically, General Secretary Xi Jinping and the CCP, under even more pressure, thereby elevating further the risk of kinetic conflict between China and the Western democracies and their allies.

Key points:

  • China’s aggressive behaviour has caused its standing in many democracies to plummet.
  • It has also increased suspicion of China’s objectives in those countries.
  • Several countries are enacting measures to reduce China’s influence within their borders.
  • They are also beginning to act together to counter China.
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