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Policy report

Risky business: why millennials are afraid of entrepreneurship

This paper outlines the barriers to millennial entrepreneurship and proposes solutions for younger generations to undertake entrepreneurial activity.
Policy report

Fiscal reform to rescue our future: the ‘national conversation’ on budgets, spending and tax

There is a wide-ranging agenda of issues to which this paper aims to make a start by examining past, current and projected levels of federal government expenditure and revenue, highlighting where the major shifts are occurring.

Joining the real economy: a quantitative mapping of the economic potential of remote Indigenous communities

The disadvantage of remote Indigenous communities is well understood. However, governments are yet to develop an effective solution for resolving this situation. Utilising the latest ABS Census data and other key datasets, this paper quantitatively demonstrates that it is possible for remote communities to be...

Where should we build new housing? Better targets for local councils

As a case study, this paper discusses the Sydney housing market, the location of much of Australia’s most expensive housing. It argues that appropriately designed housing targets would involve a large increase in apartment construction in the affluent inner and eastern suburbs, where the housing...

ATAR’s rising relevance: admission standards and completion rates

This paper looks at past research and recent data on ATAR with respect to university admissions, completions and attrition, with a particular focus on the growing category of students admitted on a non-ATAR basis.