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Policy report

A shorter path to teaching: exploring one-year postgraduate qualifications

Australia faces major teacher workforce challenges, especially in STEM subjects and rural schools. In recent years, the number of commencing Initial Teacher Education (ITE) students has been lower in most jurisdictions than in previous times. In this paper, the author argues that, compared to other...
Policy report

Wages growth in Australia: evidence and policy evaluation

This paper reviews the evidence regarding wages growth in Australia since the 2008 financial crisis and discusses what it means for policy. This includes the pros and cons of new policy measures, such as a return to multi-employer bargaining and a boost to planned permanent...

Generation next: unleashing youth aspiration and upward mobility

Growing concerns have been expressed in media commentary and policy circles about the economic fortunes of young Australians. This paper argues that institutions that facilitate the availability of greater and meaningful economic choice would empower young Australians in discovering their own, preferred pathways for upward...

The Territory Gap: comparing Australia’s remote Indigenous communities

The major finding of this research is that the Northern Territory has the worst economic outcomes for Indigenous people in remote or very remote locations of any state or territory in Australia by some margin.
Discussion paper

Teaching national shame: history and citizenship in the school curriculum

In this discussion paper, the author examines the impact of changing approaches to teaching history and citizenship on the cultivation of national identity in Australia and the United Kingdom.