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Robert Carling

Policy report

Fiscal reform to rescue our future: the ‘national conversation’ on budgets, spending and tax

There is a wide-ranging agenda of issues to which this paper aims to make a start by examining past, current and projected levels of federal government expenditure and revenue, highlighting where the major shifts are occurring.
Policy report

A sea of red: tracking Australia’s debt iceberg

The backdrop to the forthcoming federal and state budgets for 2022/23 is that Australia’s public debt has increased sharply during the pandemic since 2019 — and is projected to increase further. This report provides an update of measures of Australia’s public debt based on mid-year...

Attitudes to a post-Covid Australia

This report explores the extent to which attitudes to COVID-19, lockdowns and vaccination have changed, and what sort of post-pandemic future Australians expect.
Policy report

90 days to freedom? Why Australia can learn from Canada’s vaccination success

This paper argues that the biggest risk to Australia's public health and economic outlook is not the failure to reach thresholds for full vaccination, but that governments will be excessively cautious in easing restrictions once the thresholds are reached.
Policy report

The looming iceberg: Australia’s post-pandemic debt risk

One of the major economic policy issues of the times is the growth of public debt in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and what this growth means for the future. Some economists believe the burden will be manageable. Others express varying degrees of concern...