The challenges to China’s national rejuvenation – part one: the demographic and technological deficits

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China’s aggressive and confrontational policies have seen many countries come together to counter its mercenary expansionism in terms of territory, trade and commerce, military capacity and political influence. They now push back against its predatory economic tactics, its manipulation of World Trade Organization rules, its belligerence that ignores international law and national sovereignty, and its overall aggression.

Key points:

  • Xi Jinping’s belligerent foreign policies have led some democracies to actively push back against China.
  • They have targeted the pillars of China’s bid for technological and economic hegemony.
  • The anti-China sentiment has witnessed growing support among the people of those countries, thereby enabling their governments to take a stronger stance against Beijing.
  • China’s inability to create a domestic microprocessor-manufacturing capability and its ageing population could retard, if not derail completely, its plans for a national rejuvenation.
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The challenges to China’s national rejuvenation – part two

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