Sentencing Advisory Council annual report 2011–2012

Australia Victoria

This report details the Sentencing Advisory Council's work, delivery of outputs and financial management for the year.

This year has been an exceptionally productive one for the Council. It has involved the publication of nine research papers and reports, totalling over 1,000 pages.

These include three reports to the Attorney-General on major and complex policy issues relating to statutory minimum sentences, baseline sentencing and the adult parole system. For the first time, reports contained detailed advice about the likely effect of recommendations on sentencing levels and prisoner numbers. This is a significant new aspect of the Council’s work. The Council’s ability to provide such advice is the product of investments that the Council has made in recent years to expand its databases by collecting additional data from sentencing remarks in the higher courts and to continue to develop the skills and expertise of Council staff.

During the year the Council also published four detailed statistical research papers. These papers demonstrate the strength of the Council in integrating legal and statistical analysis and consultation. The Council also maintained its ongoing program of publishing key information about particular offences in its Sentencing Snapshots series, releasing 14 new Snapshots.

While producing a particularly large volume of material in the past year, the Council has worked hard to maintain high standards of quality and accuracy.

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