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Conference paper

In the digital age, while people generally benefit from this, they also face some health issues due to the predominance of technology in their lives. Meanwhile, public spaces are facing competition between traditional uses and emerging activities, linked to ubiquitous mobile digital devices and their common use in daily life.

This research's main focus is on the playable experience and new play opportunities (digital play) to the public space, and how the pleasure senses react to the placemaking. The play used to be behaviour based on traditional public space until digital technologies provide a digital playground in digital space. Many play situations in the public space were brought to digital and private space. The prevalence of Pokemon GO in 2016 provides a possibility that the physical public space met technology can create some new play way. Besides, from the perspective of urban design, the idea of “Playable City” is suggested as a way to enhance the interaction and communication between people and the city through the creation of playful activities. Based on the concept of the playable city, this research aims to explore the typology and potential value of playable digital interaction in public space from the perspective of people’s activities in physical space. This abstract prospects the construction direction of the playable digital placemaking framework from the three perspectives of physical components, digital components and participation.

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